Whilst conducting research for my media and society essay, I was experiencing great difficulty trying to find data about the UK version of Netflix. Many of the articles from the likes of the Guardian and the Telegraph did not report data appropriate to my essay. I then stumbled across the site statista; simply typing in Netflix in to the search bar displayed 279 statistics in a matter of seconds.

The site contains over a million statistics and contains statistics on over 80,000 topics from over 18,000 sources. It displays statistics in easy to understand charts and allows you to download the data in various different formats including .png (Portable Network Graphics), .xls (Microsoft Excel), .ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint) and .pdf (Portable Document Format).

Despite all it’s data, useful features and being used by the likes of ‘consultant firms, media agencies and marketing departments’, the site is unknown to the majority of the public and is only the 3,978th most visited site globally.




  1. I completely agree, the website has fantastic stats that elsewhere are hard to find. It can definetely be a great resource for academic essays and journalism articles however one should always have another source to confirm the numbers before submitting something.

    I also like how you highlighted, with a stat – now I’m curious if you took it from statista itself – how the site is mostly unknown to the public. I myself found out about it only a month ago from a friend, but I never heard anyone else talking about it, not in my course nor from the media. Who knows, it might grow in the future but it definitely deserves more publicity. The site itself could promote more I believe, maybe using social media.


  2. I think this is a worthwhile source to have noted down. It’s impressive to include statistics within our work, therefore this source will be of great use.

    The simplicity of the presentation of the website will also mean that we are able to understand the statistics, then we will be able to analyse them and create an intelligent argument as to why the statistics are showing what they do.


  3. I will be definitely using this website in the near future for essays! I like how you have explained the site and that there are over 80,000 topics to choose from, meaning it will most likely help with any situation, and the professional look to the website reassures that the figures are all accurate as well as being able to look into the figures in more detail.


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