Phatic Communion

I feel this journal/article link below is an important aspect of learning for this unit, as it will expand on the knowledge and idea’s that the Network Society and the Media module would like us to gain, and it will help to increase our critical approach to the topic.

The link to the journal/article above has useful information that is relevant to all those who study media in any of its formalities, as it discusses and encourages its readers to think about how to approach new media in terms of social networking, which after all, is what the internet today is mainly used for by the majority of its users.

The article demonstrates how digital media culture and the rise of online networking has increasingly involved the notion of ‘phatic communion’, this means communications which have purely social (networking) and not informational intents behind it.
Blogging and social networking have become part of what is know as socio-cultural trends. Close to 70 million people use Facebook today and with this increasing figure a potential risk of destroying news firms and print media organisations is occurring, as the public will use Facebook and Twitter to find out its information instead, which is free for us to use.

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