Online Resources: Ofcom

There are a series of resources available online for media students to locate and utilize to their advantage. One resource in particularly is Ofcom, a well-established and reputable communication regulator in the UK. Their job entails in ensuring that the public receives the best possible services in term of communication but also by protecting the public from any scams and sharp practices. What more, they are also responsible for enforcing regulatory rules for many various media sector, except for newspapers and magazines.


Now, you’re probably wondering why is this communication regulator site is considered as a useful resource for students to use in this module. Well beside for their regulatory responsibility, Ofcom also provides the latest news release, updates on changes in media spectrum such as the announcement of new appointed Chairman at a particularly media channel, speeches made by Ofcom’s panels, and facts and figures. What’s more, Ofcom also publishes a range of media based policies and research documents and release annual reports. All these information and data are valuable to us media students as it assist us in researching and development our paper.  Also, as it is an academic paper, providing accurate evidence from a well-known source produce even stronger paper.


  1. I think this is a great example of a resource students can use in order to gain valuable statistics in order to support various points in their work. Although there is an obvious limitation in the amount or type of information available, for example how it is limited to the UK and only vaguely covers new media, what is there is very relevant to all of our specialty subjects.

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  2. Nice read Nina. Ofcom is a very useful television regulator. Have you heard of RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research)? It’s similar to Ofcom, but focuses on radio stations in the UK. This site could be particularly useful for radio production students when collecting statistics.

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  3. Once I read your post I looked at the Ofcom website in more depth and I completely agree at its usefulness as a source for students! In particular, I thought the annual ‘The Consumer Experience Report’ were interesting to compare changes in the telecommunications experience etc. for the consumer over the years. I also think that as an “independent regulator… for the UK communications industries,” there is more chance that Ofcom’s information can be deemed more reliable and from an objective point of view.

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  4. I haven’t considered Ofcom as a valuable source for my academic research and essays but now I definitely changed my mind! I have just checked out Ofcom websites and data which it provides and found it really useful for my course. It includes lots of analysis, statistics, reports, as well as news releases which are essential for us (I mean PR&Advertising students) especially in this semester. Thank you for that!

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