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News-republicNowadays people are inundated with all kinds of information and news throughout their daily routine. It’s scientifically proven that most of it we can’t even bother to remember. However, we all know that Media students and people who want to work in the field not only do have to pay attention to what’s going on but also to be able to critically analyse it. So reading the news and being able to develop a critical angle is essential.

In my opinion, News Republic is a really useful app for Media students as it has news from wide variety of sources gathered at one place. The Guardian, for instance, is a left-wing paper and The Daily Telegraph is a right-wing one but via News Republic a person can easily spot how the same news are presented by newspapers with a different stance.

It makes the comparison between opposing points of view significantly easier as we do not need to look for the webpages themselves. All the things that are on the news agenda and students need to know are now at the end of their fingertips. “It’s time for a thousands of news perspectives – global, credible, personalised.”



  1. As you say this is a great way of being able to analyse the differences and comparisons in reported journalism. The ability to see the same story from different sources is a considerable way for us students to really understand the meanings and writing styles behind the way news is reported. I find the fact it is an app too adds to how accessible it is, anything that makes it easier for students to conduct research especially when it is presented in an intuitive and clean format is going to make for better and more varied information. On their website they advertise that they are partnered with over 1000 sources which shows they clearly want to represent a wide range of media however there is no real way of knowing if all these sites are truly trustworthy and whether an article or report from one of the lesser known authors is of a high enough quality with an appropriate amount of research going into the writing.


  2. I completely agree with you that it’s really important for media students not only to be up to date with news but also to gain a skill to analyse it critically. I haven’t heard about News Republic before but I found it really interesting and useful. It undoubtedly provides a great range of trusted media sources which are really various and everyone can find out something interesting for themselves. News Republic has really nice website as well as mobile app what makes our lives much easier, while we can find everything in one place in really simple way.


  3. Being a journalism student, this is an excellent discovery for me! Being in any form of media, as you said, requires us to critically analyse the world surrounding us but particularly if I am going to be a journalist, potentially writing the news, it is essential to read a wide variety. This app will make life a lot easier, knowing that I can find information all in one place and on-the-go when out and about.

    From looking at the website, what’s even better is that they provide photos and videos too, supplying additional information which often gathers huge interest amongst the public. I also like how you can choose what news publications you see, meaning the app can be really personal to your specific uses. I’m looking forward to trying it out, thanks for sharing!


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