Box of Broadcasts

I am currently studying Television Production and – as much as I enjoy it – Netflix is not the best resource for finding programmes to inspire future projects (mostly because I usually end up watching seven seasons of Buffy in two days).

Although there are catch up sites out there, it can be tedious scrolling through Iplayer and All4 to find the show you want. Box of Broadcasts is an online resource where you can search for hundreds of programmes as well as creating your own playlists, recording shows and creating clips all in one place just by signing in with your Westminster ID. For example I currently need to watch opening titles of a Television show and analyse them and instead of having to scroll through YouTube to find something convenient, I have shows at my fingertips so I can chose something I genuinely enjoy and can write passionately about.

blog 3Here you can see the scheduled programming for the day.


Box of Broadcasts is an amazing resource not only for the people studying on my course. It can be used by everyone to find material for essays, find inspiration for new works or even to take up time if you’re bored in your room and you’ve already blown through all the good series on Netflix (like I have).

blog 4.pngJust a quick search and you can find anything (I fancied a bit of Holly and Phil)



  1. I’m so glad both you and other teachers in the department have recommended this resource, it’s such a god-send! I’ve somehow come to the conclusion that I have the right to spend countless evenings Netflixing the night away just because I’m a television student, who NEEDS to watch television (because it’s part of the course…duh). Watching programmes through the online-resource of Box of Broadcasts, however, relieves the guilt a little, and I feel like it’s a resource that is quick, convenient and useful for when there’s too many programmes to watch in one day and for when you’re simply just looking for inspiration – thanks for sharing!


  2. I have actually never heard of this, however I am now very pleased that I’ve been enlightened. It’s ideal to have a resource thats quick and easy to use and relevant to what we are studying, although I do not study TV Production myself, it is important for all media students to keep on top of news and current agenda’s, making this resource ideal for all studying it, and because it’s also free for students, this is a straight ten out of ten in my books.


  3. This seems like a very intriguing site to use, I have never actually heard of it before! I am glad you decided to write about this website because I always find myself scrolling through many different channels to find television programmes to watch, and write about which that takes up so much time to find what I am looking for.


  4. I had heard of Box of Broadcasts but never knew what it was or how to access it. I have to agree with the fact it’s such a great resource, especially due to the fact you can access content from TV networks which do not have VoD (eg. Pick TV) and the fact you can search through the subtitles, which minimises the time if you’re looking for a particular thing within a programme. Although, I would recommend using catch up services (eg. BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, etc) for recreational purposes, as the quality is much better.


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