The Wonder of the Podcast

When making use of resources for research or work, I’m not usually very adventurous and tend to stick to what I know – the traditional form of books or online articles. But, this post encouraged me to delve into the depths of the Internet in seek of something a little more exciting, exploring the wider options available.

This introduced me to podcasts, which I’ve found make a refreshing change, enabling you to listen to information and discussion in the background. You can easily absorb the thoughts led by professionals, as opposed to always having to sit down and strain your eyes reading large amounts of text.The Media Show

BBC Radio 4 run ‘The Media Show’ which is described as “a topical programme” regarding current media issues, presented by Steve Hewlett and updated on a weekly basis.

What’s great about this show is the wide range of clips available online, with 370 episodes currently accessible. They are available for an indefinite period so it’s useful to know that with most podcasts you can also download an MP3 version if you need one for a long period to refer back to. Even better… if you find you particularly like the show, you can subscribe so that you automatically always receive the podcasts!

BBC LogoI recommend checking out the ‘Future of the BBC’ as people often have different views on this. It’s also interesting as it features an audience who have the opportunity to broach questions to the media professionals.










  1. This is very insightful! I listen to Podcasts recreationally and I did not consider listening to more educational things. A lot of people find it difficult to take in information through reading (and I’m one of them) so having a more exciting way to learn things is going to be helpful for me in the future.


  2. I tend to listen to podcasts on the regular and am very pleased to have found this information out. I however didn’t realise the amount of podcasts the BBC have available on the topic of media, and quite frankly I am astonished. Another great feature you have informed me on, is that these podcasts are available for an indefinite time period, this gives me a chance to listen to any of the podcasts I think I will find relevant, at my own rate without the pressure of having to worry about it disappearing.


  3. This is a great resource. Especially for someone like me that has a somewhat short attention span…being able to listen is likely to keep most of us engaged!

    I also think this will be a beneficial website to learn from as producers as well as consumers, we will be able to pick up speech techniques and the structure of a podcast whilst taking in the content.


  4. Personally listening to podcasts would be a better option for me as I have difficulty reading vast amounts of texts, which is bad I know, but I just can’t seem to stay focussed when reading most of the time. I had never really thought about listening to podcasts instead before reading this blog post so I will be trying this out in the future! Also I found it interesting that the BBC had stuff like this specifically on the subjects of media because I never knew this before, guess you learn something new everyday.


  5. I did Media at A Level and my teacher was always banging on about the media show on radio 4 and it looks like now is the time to actually check it out. The fact that the archive stretches back so far is particularly good too, offering such a wide range of topics.


  6. I think listening to podcasts are very useful, especially if you’re a learner who learns better listening and observing oppose to reading masses of texts. You hear talks from educators to entertainers. I personal have used podcasts in past for both entertainment and academic purposes. I served me well both ways so i would definitely recommend using podcasts.


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