The Media Podcast


Hi guys, I like the topic for the blog this week, as it gives us the opportunity to share resources that can help expand our knowledge and make our studies even more enjoyable!

I think podcasts are good for demonstrating the power of communication, and it can help strengthen relevant skills, especially if you would like to get into broadcasting, like myself. I also think it makes a change from having to read journals and blogs all the time (although they are helpful too).

I have a good podcast that I would like to share with you all. The Media Podcast is an online platform for television, print and digital media industries in the UK. The independent programme was founded in 2014 and uses well known industry professionals to give commentary on interesting topics that are relevant in society.

Most of the podcasts are presented by Olly Mann, a Radio Academy award-winning broadcaster and columnist. I like this site because the broadcasters focus on the industry, and talk about topics from a different perspective- with no filter (an advantage of being independent). I recommend you listen to episode 41 ‘Would Channel 4 Survive Privatisation?’  The broadcasters discuss how privatisation could affect the public service purpose. Let me know what you think!




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