quizlet_logo_largeThis is a great resource that combines two of our favourite things: a search engine and a quiz app. What makes this site really useful though is how quizzes are user generated meaning you can search for specific topics to find tailored quizzes or study sets. Another great feature of the website is the ability to find either individual sets or a whole ‘class’ which combines multiple sets into one theme.

For example, when testing how relevant this site would be, I searched for ‘media convergence’ in connection with last week’s lecture. From this I was able to find 256 related sets which explored various convergence themes such as: new media, hardware, industry and corporations. These quizzes are a great way to explore and refresh (or even learn new) definitions that were featured in previous or upcoming lectures so by the time it comes to writing the essay or conducting a presentation on these themes, we can have a greater understanding of the meanings of certain theoretical elements

The biggest downside to this resource though is how quizzes are usually limited to testing definitions. It is possible to create and post your own quizzes that can test yourself on other areas however the way there can only be 1 correct answer based on a multiple choice selections means that there is really only one question type. That being said, as an easy refresher of knowledge or as a companion to the lectures, I think Quizlet is a useful resource to support students in this module.



  1. I had chance to look over Quizlet and I completely agree with you. It is a perfect tool to use to refresh our memory with any subjects we may be currently studying. But also what I realized is that thiis app is perfect in creating fun and engaging quiz or games for our network and society presentation. I wish I had thought of that!

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