Pew Research Center

We, the young generation, can’t imagine what it’s like spending the whole day at library whilst desperately trying to find useful material for assessments left for the last moment. To make matters worse, academic essays need to be backed up with relevant examples and statistics.


Fortunately, there’s the Internet without which none of us could be able to pass and graduate later.

From the Internet’s library, which size is incomprehensible, I picked out Pew Research Center. As you’ve might have already guessed from its name (center instead of centre), it’s an American fact tank. However, this nonpartisan research group’s focus doesn’t only target data about Americans. Users are provided with information on various social issues, public opinion and trends shaping the world.

For us, media students, I’d suggest their Internet&Tech sheet. Not only does it give regularly updated data and tables but one can also navigate easily to come across presentations on, for instance, the consequences in a networked society and other topics. On top of that, students can also engage with what experts like Amy Mithcell or Maeve Duggan have to say on how teens use technology. Quite relevant.

Reading books is, of course, a great and valuable thing. Yet, if some inquiries, you can’t contact the author. Unless some deep investigation is done. This site has eased our tough student lives by offering experts’ e-mails and details. Therefore, you are welcomed to request some additional information. If courageous enough.

Let’s hope this site will be useful for our assessments.

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  1. This is a really great website that I hadn’t heard of before so thank you! I will definitely use this for my future media essays. I’ve had a look at some of the pages on there and it’s useful because it has statistics as well as useable quotes from the articles. However, if you’re just looking for a statistic it may be hard to navigate one that is exactly what you’re looking for. But overall I really do like this website and the fact that you can talk to experts on it definitely makes it more insightful.


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