Media Resources: Inside the BBC

When writing my essay last semester, I used the BBC’s ‘Inside the BBC’ web page. This was particularly helpful to give me accurate and truthful viewing statistics of both radio and TV. However, this site also has other pages to do with how the BBC supports the media industry as well as helpful resources for media careers.

It’s important that our work supports the media industry so we have created a number of partnerships with other media organisations to do so.”

The BBC sought the views of hyper local websites and bloggers on how it can work in partnership with them, to support their journalism.

The statistics page I used in terms of relevance to my essay provided the latest audience data to show how the BBC and its services are performing in terms of quality (to what extent people enjoy and appreciate BBC programmes) and reach (how many people consume BBC channels and services and for how long) across all BBC television, Radio and digital platform. However, if you would like statistics from a wide range of other TV programmes, use BARB.

Statistics tv

Statitstics Radio
On another page called ‘sharing our resources’ provides information on learning materials to all journalists through the BBC College of Journalism. Furthering on, there is the BBC College of production which provides advice on all aspects of TV, Radio and online production for the production community. I have only found this recently and it has been a real help.




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