Get Higher Education On Reddit?


We have all probably heard of reddit, if not, it is an entertainment, social networking, and news website where registered community members can submit content. reddit is famous for sharing and possibly leading pop culture, however the website has a subreddit called /Ureddit/, as in University of Reddit, which offers a wide range of academic courses, and with an account, everyone can attend the courses online.

The “university” was established in 2010, when user eawesome3 posted on r/askreddit that the site “should offer classes taught by people with college degrees in an online format”. In the past 5 years Ureddit has grown into a worldwide community, It now features a variety of classes spanning Art, Computer Science,Fun & Games, General Studies, Language, Mathematics & Statistics, Music, Philosophy, Science, and Social Sciences. AS a member, you can participate as a student for free, or, if you have a talent and are willing to dedicate your time,  you can become a teacher of your own course.

I think it is a very interesting and useful website for all students, but especially so for us media students. It offers an outstanding example for us to see that how information can be sufficiently shared on the Internet, via the power of social media.



  1. This is another great example of how social media is not as awful as some experts like to claim it is. I had no idea that Reddit even offered online academic classes. It might even be easier for some current to university students to understand because of it’s online format instead of listening and trying to take notes in a lecture hall. I will definitely consider looking at this when writing my media essays in the future!


  2. I didn’t know Reddit had a university! This seems really interesting because the fact that social media can be used for education purposes is really innovative. This is great for people who want to learn without having to commit to a university full time, and can do so in the leisure of their own rooms.


  3. Great example of how fast the World Wide Web is developing and how vast is the array of opportunities it provides us with. On the other hand, the online University of Reddit is also a good example of how technologies are making us less sociable. For me, education is not only information that must be memorized, education is mostly about learning and being passionate to learn. In this way of thoughts, I think that the relationship and the real eye-to-eye contact between teacher and student are extremely important and must not be replaced by virtual connections.


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