A Trustworthy Statistic Site

When you write essays do you often find it difficult to find specific statistics and facts you know will be beneficial to your argument but just can’t find a reliable website, journal/article or book to refer to? I know I do. Wikipedia is always there to offer an answer, however we all know not to use Wikipedia as a reference because of its unreliability.

I was introduced to YouGov.co.uk at the beginning of the year and have used it regularly since. It is a global online community that allows the public to communicate with each other and share their behaviours and beliefs towards certain topics and companies. This data is then categorised into easy to read graphs and charts.

This site is used by thousands of companies on a regular basis to gain an idea of their target market’s opinions and preferences when going about their daily life. The idea behind the site is that if more people engage with the site, the companies using these sites will have a better idea of what appeals to their market and can then cater to those needs.

“We combine this continuous stream of data with our deep research expertise and broad industry experience, to develop the technologies and methodologies that will enable more collaborative decision making.” – YouGov.co.uk

YouGov Profiles are a really easy and cool way to understand specific types of audiences. As a PR and Advertising student I usually have to understand many different markets for different pitches, YouGov Profiles allows me to do that easily by just entering the company/brand in the search bar. It displays data about the market’s demographic, lifestyle, personality, brands they like/dislike, entertainment they’re interested in, their online presence and the media they use regularly.

So next time you need to know the demographic of The Guardian readers, YouGov.co.uk can help.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 15.35.50

Next time you need to know who watches KISS TV, YouGov.co.uk can help.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 15.32.41

Next time you need to know other TV shows Game of Thrones fans are interested in, YouGov.co.uk can help.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 15.26.52

Or next time you have to know who buy Doritos to help create your next big advertising campaign, yes you’ve guessed it, YouGov.co.uk can help.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 15.33.10



  1. Writing an essay would be a piece of cake unless we had to back up everything mentioned above with relevant examples and evidence to establish things/theories as true. I agree with you saying that it is not as easy as it sounds – Wikipedia is unreliable, some other sites are not trustworthy either; so, where to gather the necessary information? Your given online resource not only seems to be very useful and reliable but also a fun site to mess around in if bored. Thanks for sharing this site, will definetely use it and strongly suggest others to join me as well!

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  2. I did struggle a lot on finding reliable sources for my essay, I will definitely consider this one next time! I like that the site covers such a wide range of topics, and it would be really beneficial for us PR&AD students, especially when researching target audience.

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  3. I have also used to YouGov in the past, and found it extremely useful. It particularly is useful when dealing with surveys, as it saves a lot of time and energy. It is extremely easy to navigate your way around the site, and think it should be known to more people, especially students. However, businesses could also benefit and save money by using it.

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