Nowadays, it’s really difficult to find a reliable online resource to rely on. Nonetheless, it’s really important, especially in media industry, to have a trustworthy source where we can find out essential data and news quickly. One which I have found really interesting and useful is FACTIVA.

“Factiva is the world’s leading source of premium news, data and insight, helping today’s professionals make better business decisions faster through its powerful search, alerting and research capabilities. With access to thousands of premium news and information sources on more than 22 million public and private companies, Factiva cuts through the noise to surface business-critical information. Whether researching, creating a daily company newsletter or browsing a summary of top industry news, Factiva gives a clear information advantage.” – http://www.dowjones.com
Factiva gives access to many kinds of sources like newspapers, magazines, blogs, journals, television, radio transcripts, photos etc from nearly every country worldwide in 28 languages. The wide range of data provides new insights on local as well as global problems. Fativa makes it easy to stay up to date with current events, financial markets, business or political issues. What makes it even more special is fact that its features include media analytics to create absorbing visuals, statistics, tables and graphs.

Although it is paid resource, we can get a free access to it through Westminster Library. I highly recommend it to all media students who want to follow national and international news, create a press review, follow market quotes and get many more great opportunities to be better professionals in the future. Fativa Search Tour

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