The History of the internet: a social media obsessed society.

What I find most interesting about this article is the emphasis on the evolution of social media. The growth and development of the internet has been a key milestone in creating a connected society. It is consistently used as a form of networking, in both social and business terms. However, as social media has become such a huge part of our lives, alongside it has come many risks. Though it has given us huge benefits, such as individuals being more updates on global issues, as information is shared and spread across the world rapidly; a negative effect is that as a society, inn my opinion we have become obsessive. Not only as we constantly checking, Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc, particularly my generation has almost developed another life through. We post pictures, and thoughts for the world to see, but no one really shows the truth. We present a distorted version, of what we think people want to see. We crave our friends and followers to be jealous of lives, when actually all we are doing is setting unrealistic standard for more naive individuals and younger generations. I personally see this issue mainly amongst teens and young adults, that still hold that hope of a care free life. However, following on from this, many do not think of the consequences of sharing pictures etc may effect your future. As limited privacy comes hand in hand with social media, and now business and future employers can easily access your profiles. Therefore leading to them being less likely to employee someone that presents an undesirable social media account. However, though many argue, that once you’ve posted something on the internet it is there for the world to see. Yet why should others be able to see and judge your online social life without your permission? Though the internet is a public source, I believe there should be as certain extent of privacy in an individuals hands.

Below are links to recent articles, which present similar issues in social media. I found this one specifically interesting, as ironically it is from one of the biggest social media’s there is, Linkedin: Social Media and Narcissism: Rise of A Self-Obsessed Society

The other is on a former ‘Instagram famous model’ whom recently came out describing the social media as a “contrived perfection made to get attention.” Presenting, in my opinion how society has begun to realise the unrealistic standard we have brought upon ourselves with social media:Essena O’Neill quits Instagram claiming social media ‘is not real life’


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