Let’s Talk about Ted

I would like to share an on-line resource that I discovered in Sixth-Form. After two years of Ted-filled tutor times, I’ve only just recently started to appreciate this on-line resource.

TED’s slogan is “Ideas worth spreading” and this is why I thought you might find this site interesting, after all, we’re all studying at University with the intentions of learning more about both our specialist subject and the world.

What I enjoy about this website, is how, instead of having to read lengthy, complex articles, we’re presented with a video, which shows pre-recorded footage of a conference lasting for around 20 minutes or less.

Ted Talks offers a variety of videos, some funny, others more dull (but still interesting) that discuss modern issues of today’s world. This on-line resource doesn’t specifically relate to media studies, but I think it’s all very relevant as for example, if you’re a journalist, you need to know what’s happening in the world (you could even get in contact with one of the speakers to create a further piece of investigative journalism). Similarly, if you’re studying ‘Television Production’ as I am, there is the option on their website to ‘discover’ new topics of interest, which could serve as inspiration for a documentary.

Although, the issues covered range from topics such as ‘business’ to ‘science’, there are some specific TED Talks relating to media. I’ve left the links to some videos that you might find interesting below:









  1. I think TED provides such an easy way to grasp brilliant ideas and get inspired. The talks covers almost every aspect of the society so not only can I know more about my interests sometimes it is also interesting to learn about some unfamiliar categories.


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