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“The National Library of Australia has declared this site of national significance” – eJournalist.

A media journal I would recommend to those who both study and take an interest in the media would be ‘ejournalist’, this is a media and communications site where writers publish their academic work.

It’s an online collection of media journals from University qualified writers. The writers include a short description of their chosen topic – eliminating the excruciating pain of the skim read to find out it was completely pointless- and a link to the full journal article.

This website also includes course specific content for students taking this module as stated in the introduction: “journalism, public relations, media production and digital media”.

The topics range from: the impact of the internet; media ownership; politics and the press; participatory journalism; and much more. Some of the content is directly related to Australia, so be sure to check that it’s country-relevant!

The collection of journals start all the way from 2001 – this was when that really bizarre yet wonderful programmed ‘The Hoobs’ first aired to give you some perspective-. One to two issues are released yearly, providing an online media journey.

You’re also able to get in contact with the writers – simply by clicking their name-. This will be useful to ask questions on their articles or possibly obtain quotes and advice for assignments.

There’s also a search bar on the homepage to help you locate even more journal articles, an incredible one-tab-wonder.



  1. Before I start, I would like to take the opportunity to say that “The Hoobs” was a tremendous piece of television. In regards to your post, I think this resource looks very interesting. This site is particularly useful, as all journals are written by University qualified writers, this make it a more trustworthy resource. I love how you are able to contact the writers as often you read articles and journals and are left with questions that simply need answering. It’s also handy to be able to express your own thoughts and opinions on what has been written. I think this is such a great resource for all students studying media because, as you said, it’s very specific in its content and the search engine makes it easy to find relevant journals in a time-efficient manner. Thanks for sharing – I’ll be sure to explore the site!

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  2. Thanks for the recommendation Charlotte! I’ve just checked out the site and I love that academics use this site to publish their work, as the industry is so fast paced and therefore easy to overlap certain pieces of work. I’ve bookmarked it, and will definitely use it as a useful journal resource for future essays on relevant topics.

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  3. This looks like a great resource, especially with big essays coming up. For me personally these are a big weakness so having journals like this could be really helpful. Avoiding the “excruciating skim read” is also a big plus. And ditto what Isabella said, “The Hoobs” was amazing.


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