What is the Purpose of the Internet?

Created in 1969, the ARPANET is recognized as the earliest form of the advanced computer network we know today. Simultaneously with the rising tensions between the US and the Soviet Union due to the Cold War, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was set up to carry out military research.  The US military also contributed by providing financial funding for the computer scientist’s research. The ARPA network ran on packet switching technology. The “goal was to link different computers together, both to increase overall computer power and to decentralize information storage (Strickland, 2007).”

In contrast, today I recognize the internet as a digital channel which can be accessed by individuals all over the globe. It can be utilized for: information, entertainment and communication purposes. It has become so integrated into our everyday lives that many of our face-to-face interactions have now been digitized; we now have online banking, online shopping, even hot food can be delivered to our door via the web. The rise of social media offers a platform where we can share our views publicly. Everything about the internet is public. It is for the above reasons that finding out the internet’s roots were in the military shocked me so much.




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Strickland, J. (2007). How ARPANET Works. How Stuff Works. Available from http://computer.howstuffworks.com/arpanet.htm [Accessed 3 February 2016].




  1. It surprised me as well to find out how the internet was created originally for the US military because of how public it is now. Kind of makes me question that if they had kept it all private what would the world be like today, and what would technology be like without the internet today.


  2. I completely agree with you magenta, as a matter of fact my own post was entirely about this topic. The Internet is so public and somewhat personal, if you think about the private conversations we have with our friends and relatives, that It really is surprising to think about how the web was born and It’s initial purposes.


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