The Internet: The New World

Beside for the invention of the wheel and toilet, the Internet is one of mankind greatest and remarkable creation of all time. It has completely altered the manners we and our societies communicate and interact with one another. In fact, it has entirely immersed itself into our social fabric and in some cases our identity. Its history clearly outlines the series of milestones it had to reach to what it is today. The internet has moved us from a time of waited days for our post to arrive to instantly receiving message through a push of button. It is also a platform we continually utilise to advocate, collect, share, and promote, whatever our heart desires and pleases. In a way it has become a representation of our freedom and choice.

But as much as we glorify and praise this technological phenomenal, it has become another world in which we as a whole, and even authorises have found difficult to handle. Initially developed for military purpose in 1957, the internet has turned out to be a new frontier, a big wide space where we all have little knowledge about all its advantages and disadvantages. Using censorship, surveillance or not, its power and speed of development has escalate dramatically over the last decade, which only resulted in us not being able to throughly judge and critical analyse the vulnerability it brings to us all.



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  1. I completely agree with your view of how the internet is like an unknown form to us. It is consistently growing, and seems impossible for us to get a hold of it. When actually, it seems it has gotten a grip on us as a society. We constantly need a the internet in our lives, our phones are constantly in our hands, and dangerously it has replaced many daily human contacts.

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