Impact of social media on modern society

The Internet in current times is one of our everyday essentials. We use it on our laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. We use it for many purposes like social, entertainment, work, school… However, have, you ever been wondering how the adventure with the Internet has started and how it has changed over years?

According to the Internet started to be created in 1969. Surprisingly, on the beginning it was used mainly for military needs. Email was developed relatively quickly in 1971. It has been gradually improved by developing PC modem, many protocols and systems, web pages, browser etc.


Finally, since 2003 MySpace has been hitting a peak of its popularity. In 2004 social platforms started to be improved and play a more significant role in society. Then in the same year was invented Facebook and later in 2005 Youtube and Twitter in 2006. It gave a chance to communicate with each other even on two ends of the world. It gave us an access to many information and fun.


Although these inventions were watershed and should make our lives easier it seems they had a bad impact on our society. Look at young generation, where almost everyone is staring at his mobile’s screen even when being around friends and family. Can you imagine your day without checking your social platforms? The technology still moves on and gives us more opportunities. In that case I am wondering if all goes in good direction and if there is any way to learn people using the Internet more reasonably? I would like to actually leave you with this reflection and short video about the dangers of social media (


  1. After watching the video, I’m surprised to find out that speaking about ourselves and to other people on social media releases dopamine in our brain to make ourselves happier. I quite like this idea and it makes a lot of sense that this is why society’s internet addiction is only ever growing! Social media and the internet is a great form of communication, but it does make me question whether we’re less sociable in person because of this. With the advanced technology of the internet, I do not think there is a way that we can teach more responsibility when online. Not when there’s things such as the ‘dark web’ that is so advanced that IP addresses cannot be tracked.


  2. It’s quite shocking to find out how technology and social media have distorted our minds, it’s also ironic that I am told the fact over social media… I guess the pros of technology and the information flow always come with cons.


  3. Indeed, the Internet does ease our lives and give us great opportunities people couldn’t even think a hundred years ago, for instance, ordering a pizza or talking to your parents on Skype. But we shouldn’t be technophilic and praise technology. The video you’ve linked, already in the seminar made me think of the cons of constant usage of it. Not only people lack in ability to communicate in real life but also the Internet is like a drug – might sound funny and nothing worth worrying about but it is quite alarming. Then again, I want to emphasize the word ”constant”. Being technophobic is also an utmost extremity. I believe, it’s up to each one to decide how much time one’s spending on his phone and then later face the consequences.


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