How the changing internet has changed us

It has now been 25 years since the creation of the first ever web page on the World Wide Web. To someone born in western society in the years since, a life without the internet seems almost unimaginable.

Social media in particular has taken over, with 89% of 18-25 year olds in 2014 using at least one form, and this number will keep rising.

I think it is interesting to consider the effect that this growing figure is having on people, particularly in that younger age bracket. I believe that whilst the internet has had an overwhelmingly positive effect on many aspects of modern life, one drawback is what it seems to have done to people’s attention spans. It seems that many young people cannot sit through a two hour movie anymore without taking a break to check their phones. It’s like rather than watching a football match, for example, some people prefer to spend the time looking on social media to see what everyone else is saying about it instead.

As I looked through the timeline of the internet’s gradual development into what it has become today, it became clear that the internet has had a direct effect on not only how people live their lives, but even on how people think.



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  1. I guess, just like everything, the Internet also comes with its pros and cons. For some reason, though, I believe there are more cons – for instance, you mentioned attention spans. Having two younger brothers, I know how easily they can get distracted by nothing but phones and all the apps there. And myself – even whilst writing this I’m checking my phone; and it’s nothing of a great importance like a message from mom on Whatsapp; I’m scrolling through Instagram. Talking about Instagram, it has indeed changed the way people, especially girls, think – the more nudity, the more likes.


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