Google’s Dominance

Google was launched in 1998 and is the world’s first and largest search engine. It has revolutionized the way in which we search for information online today.

Google dominates over other search engines like Bing or Ask Jeeves as it was the original search engine created. From the very start Google understood that we the people wanted to gain knowledge as fast and accurately as possible.

To remain relevant various forms of communication formats have been created for example Gmail in 2004, Google Maps/Earth in 2005 and Google Drive in 2012, which allows us to ‘share’ information across different file formats like documents, spreadsheets and power-points much quicker and more easily. This introduced the cloud a storage system used by Google which holds its information on the internet, this encourages more people to use this system as it took away the idea of us having to carry around hard drives and memory cards which can easily be lost stolen or damaged and introduced fast/easy access in every location the Internet and Google has reached to date.

Today we can access all of Google services and applications through our smartphones or i Pads, increasing its popularity and ensuring that it remains up to date with each new piece of technology created.


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