The Birth of Facebook Stalkers

I’m now in a generation that can’t go to sleep unless we’ve refreshed our Facebook and Twitter news feeds and opened all the Snapchat stories; it’s like a part-time job. This couldn’t be done without our greatly loved friend, the Internet.

So where did it all begin?

The Internet itself began in 1969 in the United States, a long time before the breed of Facebook stalkers were born.

Interestingly, the first sign of interactivity arrived in 1971, email. We are now so consumed by communicating via a screen it’s surprising that technological interaction has only been around for 55 years.

A staggering 33 years later (2004) ‘The Facebook’ was launched for the use of college students and obviously the ‘The’ was dropped because college students can’t be dealing with all that extra hassle. This allowed students to interact with each other in a way that they never had before. Revolutionary.

It was only until 2006 that Facebook was available to anyone with a valid email address, now most of us can’t go a day without refreshing our timelines, even if it is just that same girl getting into ‘a relationship’ for the second time this week and that lad venting about his team losing a football game.

We have become infatuated.

I mean, a relationship is now only really deemed as legitimate if your ‘Facebook official’. For the younger generation this is hardly surprising as it has been around for most of our lives, but what really interests and suprises me is that even the older generation have become consumed too (no Mum, I will not send you that Candy Crush ticket).



  1. I agree that social media has completely taken over. I think it consumes the majority of people that use it, particularly in our age category. I think the point about how it is just menial stuff like a new relationship or someone posting a status is interesting, as it seems that that sort of thing is now what interests us more than the big important stories that are going on in the world. Maybe this is because of the closeness and availability of it in this day and age.


  2. It’s a really interesting point that you are making. However, I also think that it’s somehow disturbing to realise that the older generations who have not grown up using the Internet, are steadily getting obsessed with using social media websites like Facebook and some applications, too. Cases of parents starving their children to death because of leading a Fantasy life in Facebook or sustaining virtual farms are simply ridiculous and schocking.


  3. I like your point ending on the relationship social media has with children and parents, personally I think it can be quite overwhelming. As social media, steps over that boundary between parent and child, teenagers particularly need there privacy, and their parents being able to ‘stalk’ there online lives, moves far away fro that.


  4. I really like how you commented on at the end the relationship social media has between parents and children. I personally think it can cause huge strain, especially with teenagers. There needs to be a barrier between all parents and children, and before the older generations got into Facebook etc, teenagers ‘online lives’ were there own. Whereas now your family can see everything you do, its overwhelming and frustrating.


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