Significance of Google

I find the most interesting element of the history of the internet to be the origins of the world’s most visited website: Google. The history of the internet source mentions how Google revolutionised the way people found out information online. However, this doesn’t communicate just how important and synonymous Google has become to the internet. As much as it is a service, modern colloquialisms refer to ‘google’ as a verb, to ‘google’ something is to look it up on the internet, even if you don’t use Google to find it!

Looking on’s own history webpage, there is an obvious indication in the early days that Google had potential to grow. The founders even received a $100,000 investment before the Google Inc. entity even existed. After being live less than a year, the site was already recognised for providing “extremely relevant results” which gives a great indication on what internet users wanted from the world wide web. Internet browsers had already given users a user interface that gave the web a recognisable and intuitive display format, but what Google subsequently did was allow individual websites and domains to be shown to users who submitted search queries.

This meant the internet could function much like a database where users could find new websites by looking up tags and text which brings us to modern internet users who take this way of exploring the internet for granted. Modern advances in search engine technology have shaped how people find out information on the internet to the point where users can now be reliant on asking Google questions and actually get reliable results!


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