Moving away from ‘traditional’ social media?

Hi everyone!

I enjoyed the lecture regarding the internet and its history. It’s always fascinating to see how much something so significant in society has evolved.  One of the most interesting facts to me was the start of mobile internet and applications, which, of course you all know got its big official break along with the launch of the first iPhone in 2007.


I often wonder if we would still be using Microsoft Messenger to communicate (asides from calls and text messages) if clever messenger apps such as WhatsApp and Viber hadn’t been invented. It doesn’t actually seem like it’s been a long time since I was often sent to the corner shop for international phone cards so my parents could contact relatives across the globe. The difference between WhatsApp and Viber is that Viber allows you to make calls to anyone in almost any country via data/Wi-Fi (there may be some charges).


I thought I would leave a link to an interesting article I found regarding Viber’s plan to make a new platform away from ‘traditional social media’.  I think it goes to show how the internet has opened up many opportunities to explore different areas of communication.


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  1. This is such a relevant and interesting point. There is absolutely no doubt that the invention of smartphones has changed our lives dramatically. I think I can confidently say it has changed them for the better too. Yes, as a result of the advancing web and social media sites (that can now be viewed on phones via applications), we have become more vulnerable. We’re sharing information with strangers on the web for no particular reason at all – however, communication has hugely benefited from the internet. Wi-fi has also contributed to this change too. I don’t think we could re-adjust back to 2006 and the previous years before iPhones. We take them for granted now and even those who don’t have smartphones, are somehow involved in this movement, as less and less people are communicating via more traditional methods (such as e-mailing or sending a letter) so they are being left with no choice but to adjust to the modern means of communication. It’s exciting, yet slightly unnerving to see where the future of the internet and technology will take us – who knows? Instead of Facetime and Skype, we could be seeing virtual holograms of friends and family in 10 years time!


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