Eradicating The Audience

The Internet today is something that the younger generation – ‘The Information Age’ – have really claimed as their own. They are proud to have something they can put their name to and use sites such as YouTube to express their creativity.

James Curran reflects this in Misunderstanding the Internet: 

Its activists transformed the internet from being a tool of a techno-elite into becoming the creator of virtual communities, a sub-cultural playground and agency of democracy.

It’s interesting how the change of use and access to the Internet has had a significant impact upon journalism. Through Tim Berners-Lee making the World Wide Web publicly available to society, the average person has increased information at the end of their fingertip2015NMECoverJustinBieber_CMA3_DC_111115.magazines. This eradicates the traditional form of an audience because to a degree, anyone can be a journalist now. You only have to look through your Twitter or Facebook feeds to see how people are aggregating information through ‘retweets’, adding their own opinion or comment to it – providing a platform for everyone to have a voice.

The effects can also be viewed through the way traditional formats of journalism have adapted. For instance; NME recently made the decision to go free and place the majority of their work online. This was evidently due to the standard magazine publication’s unfortunate but steady circulation decline.

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  1. this is a great post, i think the topic you have bought up about how anyone can be a journalist now is a very interesting dynamic of the internet with what we are doing now on here with these blog posts and its just as much relatable with social media and everybody having an opinion about certain threads on the news etc. journalism i think is becoming a much broader subject in terms of actually defining it.


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